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Helmut Rohrmoser
managing director

mail: hr@plana-team.at


Terms and Conditions

Payment and Delivery:
The deliveries, services and offers of the seller are subject to these Terms and Conditions. This shall also apply to all future business relationships, even if they are not explicitly agreed again. The latest with the receipt of the goods and services the General Terms and Conditions of Sale shall be deemed accepted. The delivered goods until full payment of the purchase price-permanent ownership of the seller.

Retention of title:
The seller holds title to the goods until all demands of the buyer from the business relationship, including future Forder-branded with paid from simultaneous or subsequent contracts. This is true even if some or all claims of the seller have been included in a current account with and the balance is drawn and recognized. The Buyer shall only be entitled to resell the reserved goods in proper business transition, if he already now assigns to the seller all claims which arise from the resale to customers or third parties. If the reserved goods are sold unprocessed or processed and combined with other articles which are exclusively the property of the buyer, is sold, the buyer shall already arising from the resale in full to the seller. If reserved goods by buyer - after processing or combination - sold together with not belong to the seller, the buyer shall already the resulting from the sale of receivables in the amount of the value of the goods with all ancillary rights and priority over the rest. The Seller accepts the assignment. To retract this claim, the buyer is entitled even after assignment. The seller's right to collect the claim itself remains unaffected; However, the Seller undertakes not to collect the debt as long as the buyer meets his payment and other obligations. The seller may require the buyer gives him the assigned claims and their debtors, all necessary information for collection, unhooking the relevant documents and the
Debtors of the assignment.
The processing or transformation of reserved goods is always carried out by the buyer to the seller. If the reserved goods with standing wholly owned objects, where no extended retention of title is processed, the seller shall be the sole property of the new object. If the goods are processed with other objects belonging to the seller, the seller retains the ownership of the new item proportional to the value of the goods to the other processed goods at the time of processing. If, in connection with the payment of the purchase price attributable to the purchaser, a liability of the seller, the retention of title and this underlying exposure to delivery of goods shall not expire until the bill of exchange by the buyer as drawee. If the value of the existing security exceeds the secured claims by more than 20%, the seller is obligated at the buyer's request for approval.

Unless otherwise agreed, the seller's invoices on the location of the seller are paid. In the event of default, bankable interest per month will be charged. The buyer has to pay for collection expenses and other expenses incurred.

Prices are exclusive of VAT, which, unless otherwise expressly agreed that remains subject to valid price on the day of delivery. The agreed on master contracts prices are only valid when the goods are actually accepted by the customer in the specified amount. Failure to comply with these conditions, the applicable unit prices will be charged. When unauthorized withdrawal from the seller cancellation fees will be charged in the amount of 10%, and this amount is expressly recognized by the customer. From € 300, -. Net, excluding VAT goods are sent postage free. The issue of bills of exchange brings no deviation from our delivery and payment terms with it.

Delivery times and dates:
Delivery times and dates are only approximate and not binding. You start with the date of receipt of order confirmation. Delivery and service delays due to force majeure and due to events that make it difficult for the Seller to or impossible - this includes in particular strikes, lockouts, official directives, etc., even if they occur at the Seller's suppliers or their subcontractors, the seller not to be represented at a binding-union deadlines and dates. They entitle the seller to postpone delivery or performance for the duration of the delay plus a reasonable time or to resign because of the unfulfilled portion or part of the contract. The impediment lasts longer than three months, the buyer is entitled to a reasonable extension of time to withdraw from the contract not yet fulfilled. The seller reserves the right to make changes in equipment, etc. until the date of delivery. The customer can not derive any change of its obligation.

Transfer of risk:
The risk passes to the buyer when the shipment has been handed over to the person performing the transport, or has left the Seller's warehouse for shipping purposes. This applies even if free delivery has been agreed.

The buyer must any defects immediately, at the latest within eight days after delivery, providing written notice to the registered office of the seller. Defects that can not be detected by a thorough examination within this period shall be notified to the Seller in writing immediately upon discovery at its registered office.

The warranty warranty runs for one year from the date of purchase. It is expected no later than the third month after the date of manufacture. The warranty applies not only accessories that are exposed through their use to wear among others Achsabdichtungen and storage. In the event of returning a defective part, the full goods must be returned at the customer's expense. The warranty due to a manufacturing defect is limited to the replacement of defective parts in our workshops incl. Labor costs. The transport and all labor costs for assembly and disassembly are charged to the customer. Caused by improper use damage, including damage caused as a result of a poorly functioning installation, do not fall under the warranty, nor under the responsibility of the seller. The seller can be held liable under any circumstances for any other damages due to direct or indirect damage which was caused no matter by whom, or as a result of any defect or non-functioning of the goods supplied. On the application of the guarantee is determined only in our workshops and / or by our technicians. The warranty does irrevocable if anybody has performed on the material without our permission changes. This also applies to repairs that have not been carried out in our workshops or our technicians.

Mutual performance and jurisdiction is in all cases, this also applies to notes payable, the location of the seller. The contractual relations between the right of the supplier applies.

Returns due to faulty dispositions concerning sizes or quantities are only permitted if we have agreed with the return of writing their agreement. We returned goods will be credited. Due to faulty disposition due to our fault, we will pay the cost, in the other case the buyer, as well as a service fee in the amount of 25% of the net value of the return, plus shipping costs.

Lending, test and commission Article:
The Customer agrees to this properly operate and maintain and reset in a good condition. Failure deferral by the agreed date, we assume that the goods are considered as accepted by the customer and the valid at the acquisition price of the goods will be charged.

Other provisions:
A set-off by the buyer against claims of the seller are excluded. Oral and phone carried agreements, including those with representatives as well as written orders have validity only if they are confirmed in writing by Seller. The seller reserves the right to make changes without prior notice.