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Helmut Rohrmoser
managing director

mail: hr@plana-team.at



In cooperation with the company Struktur, PLANA has developed a new extraflatline shower tray.

A special substructure, a support combined with sealing tapes, enables FLAT to be installed at floor level, equal whatever form you choose.

FLATLINE offers lots of advantages:

o a factory-provided water proof seal system which is connected with the shower tray
o absolute water proof by “Struktur seal system”
o excellent thermal insulation
o simple and safe assembly
o sound protection according to DIN 4109
o minimal height of installation 110 mm
o perfect drainage system, visible part in massive brass
o individual heights available
o Sizes available till 1200 x 1200 mm
o Forms: quadratic, quadratic, pentagonal and quadrant

more details on request